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A “Pour-Over” Will

A Pour-Over Will is a special type of Will that, used in conjunction with a Trust, allows for assets not titled in the Trust to be directed into the Trust upon your death. A Pour-Over Will is important to have in conjunction with your Trust so that additional assets in your estate will not be probated. Instead of going to Probate, any extra property (as stated in your Pour-Over Will document) will be “poured over” into the Trust.

Simple Will

A Simple Will is a document that is not used with a Living Trust. It is designed for people who have a very simple estate. A Simple Will (Statutory Will) may be suitable for those with a small, uncomplicated estate (i.e. no real property; no minor children) and relatively straightforward wishes. Property in a Simple Will is still not going to avoid the Probate process. In order to avoid probate, the only tried and true proven legal method is a Revocable Living Trust or Irrevocable Living Trust.

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