Some court cases and laws are just crazy. In each episode, attorneys delve into the legal world to explore and attempt to understand these issues. Join us as we discuss wacky laws, crazy cases, and everything legal.

May 25, 2023

San Diego-based firm led by Attorney Justin Isaac Was Founded 25 Years Ago By His Father, Jeff Isaac, Best Known for his TV and Radio Appearances

May 4, 2023

Jeff Isaac, original host of the Lawyer in Blue Jeans radio show, joins Justin Isaac to discuss some very controversial cases in recent news. While averting any political or partisan views, they review the recent Fox News Network case and remind us what role ‘common sense’ should play within the legal world when it comes to sentencing.

Jeff Isaac
March 22, 2023

During the premiere episode of the Lawyer in Blue Jeans podcast, Justin Isaac talks with three lawyers regarding unusual and peculiar cases that make us ponder whether Lady Gaga should have rewarded her dognaper for returning her pets, the Seattle district’s litigation against tech giants, and so much more!

The Lawyer in Blue Jeans Group
November 5, 2020

Justin Isaac will host Brad Seaman and Jayson Yoss to talk about AB-828, a temporary moratorium on foreclosures and unlawful detainer actions: coronavirus (COVID-19).

Brad Seaman and Jayson Yoss